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MEET Africa offers adventure tours for school groups or students who would like to learn English while travelling in South Africa.



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New courses start every second week.

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Welcome to our Website

MEET Africa is a private English school located 50 km from Cape Town in Stellenbosch, South Africa.


The founder, Ansie Nel, has travelled extensively in Europe and Asia. Nine years of living abroad and studying European and Asian languages, gave her a good understanding and much insight into:

-Skills and methods regarding learning foreign languages
-Adapting to a new culture and dealing with culture shock.

Drawing on these experiences, MEET Africa created a unique teaching methodology and approach to language learning. The practical classes immerse students into the local culture, whereas camps and social events provide opportunities to practice English. 

Culture shock and difficulty to adapt to a new culture can slow down language learning. MEET Africa recognizes symptoms of culture shock easily and have safety nets in place to help students stay focused on language learning.

MEET Africa’s core values are as follow:

-We strive for academic excellence of our lecturers and students.
-We aim to build good character traits in our lecturers and students.
-We pay attention to the social and emotional needs of our lecturers and students.
-We encourage a healthy and balanced lifestyle