MEET Africa, Let Us help you reach your summit


We have had the privilege to get to know, love and value people from the four corners of the world as they passed through MEET Africa on the way to their personal summits. Some were traveling in South Africa; others had professional and academic careers to pursue. Here are a few comments from those dear to us.

“When I arrived in South Africa, I could not speak a word of English and I didn’t know anyone. At MEET Africa I made steady progress with my English and met many people. I am now living and working in England. Thank you, MEET Africa, for opening up the world to me.”

“I took some time out from studying engineering in Korea to learn English for professional purposes. After completing my studies at MEET Africa, I was accepted to study a short engineering course at Cape Town College. Returning to Korea, I will continue my studies with the option to work in a Korean or English environment.”

“My husband is studying at the University of Stellenbosch. I started studying at MEET Africa a couple of weeks after I arrived in Stellenbosch. Very soon I was able to find my way, do errands and socialize in English.”

“I am a second year student at a university in Gabon. I visited my sister, who is studying at Stellenbosch University last year during my university holiday. I enrolled for one course at MEET Africa. Many gaps in my English grammar were sorted out and I benefited from all the arranged opportunities to practice my English. I especially enjoyed our language camp.”

“Learning English at MEET Africa was a lot of fun. Classes were very practical. I came to South Africa to improve my English for professional purposes. I feel they worked hard to cater for specific language needs in my field. I took a big leap towards my summit at MEET Africa. Thank you!!”

“I suffered severely form culture shock during the first few months in South Africa. I felt comfortable to talk to Ansie, because she had lived in China and understood my situation. I am now studying at the University of the Western Cape. I find that I did not only learn English, but also social and cultural skills so that I can enjoy my stay in South Africa.”