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English Courses

MEET Africa offers Intensive English Courses for social, academic and professional purposes at six proficiency levels which run simultaneously: beginner, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, high-intermediate and advanced. At the lower levels we aim to meet social needs and at higher levels students prepare for further academic study or professional purposes.

Each Intensive English Course continues for six to seven weeks. Students may enter at their level of proficiency and exit at any level.

Classes are conducted from Monday to Friday. Class hours are as follow:
for 7 to 12 students: 4 hours per day
for 4 to 6 students: 3 hours per day

With fewer students in class students receive focused individual contact and less time is needed to achieve the same benefits than would be needed for bigger classes. We allow a maximum of twelve students per class.

Students receive a certificate, stating the proficiency level achieved, from MEET Africa after the completion of their period of study.